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deeply_tracked_allocator< Tracker, RawAllocator > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class Tracker, class RawAllocator>
class foonathan::memory::deeply_tracked_allocator< Tracker, RawAllocator >

A tracked_allocator that has rebound any BlockAllocator to the corresponding deeply_tracked_block_allocator.

This makes it a deeply tracked allocator.
It replaces each template argument of the given RawAllocator for which is_block_allocator or is_raw_allocator is true with a deeply_tracked_block_allocator.

Related Functions

template<class RawAllocator , class Tracker , typename... Args>
auto make_deeply_tracked_allocator (Tracker t, Args &&... args) -> deeply_tracked_allocator< Tracker, RawAllocator >

Related Functions

§ make_deeply_tracked_allocator()

auto make_deeply_tracked_allocator ( Tracker  t,
Args &&...  args 
) -> deeply_tracked_allocator<Tracker, RawAllocator>
Takes a RawAllocator and deeply wraps it with a tracker.
A deeply_tracked_allocator with the corresponding parameters forwarded to the constructor.