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temporary_allocator.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Class foonathan::memory::temporary_allocator and related functions.


class  temporary_stack
 A wrapper around the memory_stack that is used by the temporary_allocator. More...
class  temporary_stack_initializer
 Manually takes care of the lifetime of the per-thread temporary_stack. More...
class  temporary_allocator
 A stateful RawAllocator that handles temporary allocations. More...
class  allocator_traits< Allocator >
 The default specialization of the allocator_traits for a RawAllocator. More...
class  allocator_traits< temporary_allocator >
 Specialization of the allocator_traits for temporary_allocator classes. More...


temporary_stack & get_temporary_stack (std::size_t initial_size=temporary_stack_initializer::default_stack_size)