This is the privacy policy for this website.

Google Analytics

I love statistics.

As such this website uses Google Analytics to track how users use this site. It will collect information such as operating system, browser and other statistical data. It will also track your IP address, but anonymizes it before processing.

The information gathered is entirely anonymous and aggregate, i.e. it cannot be traced back to an individual user. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google or any other personally identifiable information from any other source. The data will only be used for statistical reports and not be transferred to another third party.

For the purpose of these statistical reports Google Analytics will set cookies on your computer. These cookies are first-party cookies and allow to determine whether you were on this site before or which domain linked to this site.

If you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics, you can easily opt-out of it. You can either download an Add-on from Google here, or click here. The latter will create a cookie expiring in 2100. As long as the cookie exists on your computer, Google Analytics will not track you on this site.

Google Custom Search Engine

This site also uses Google CSE for the site search.

This pulls some Google Javascript to display the search bar and Google itself to get the site results. Furthermore when using the search engine itself it will occasionally display ads. See their terms of service for more information.

If you do not want that, simply don’t use the search function. It will then only load external code to display the search box.

Google AdSense

The final Google service used is Google AdSense. It provides the ads shown on this site.

It also pulls same Javascript for displaying them, personalized based on the information Google knows about you. This information is provided via the “DoubleClick” cookie that tracks user behavior regarding ads. See their privacy policy for more information.

To disable the personalized adds, go to your Google Ad Settings. To disable all ads on this site, install an adblocker.


I use Disqus for the blog’s comment system.

The tool may set cookies or use personally identifieable user information. For more details read their privacy policy and their use of cookies.

Note that Disqus is not loaded by default. Their script will only be activated if you click on the corresponding button. By clicking so, you agree to Disqus policy.

If you do not click on the button, Disqus will not be loaded and it has no effect at all.