This is the privacy policy for this website.

TL;DR: unless you click on “search” or “activate comments”, nothing will happen.

Google Custom Search Engine

This site uses Google CSE for the site search.

This pulls some Google Javascript to display the search bar and Google itself to get the site results. Furthermore when using the search engine itself it will occasionally display ads. Details are probably in their privacy policy, I guess.

If you do not want that, simply don’t use the search function. It will not load anything at all unless you click on search.


I use Disqus for the blog’s comment system.

The tool may set cookies or use personally identifieable user information. For more details read their privacy policy and their use of cookies.

Note that Disqus is not loaded by default. Their script will only be activated if you click on the corresponding button. By clicking so, you agree to Disqus policy.

If you do not click on the button, Disqus will not be loaded and it has no effect at all.